The Braddock Community Cafe (BCC) strives to introduce customers to great tasting, healthier food options, while demonstrating socially responsibility by using produce from local food growers.  Our mission is to provide residents of Braddock with balanced, great tasting meals, using only wholesome, gmo-free ingredients.

By collaborating with the Braddock Youth Project and Braddock Redux, the BCC offers youth the opportunity to learn about healthy eating as well as creating a space where they by building in them the capacity to improve their own communities.

Proceeds from the Braddock Community Café will help to provide tutoring, work excellence skills training, job training and entrepreneurship training for youth and young adults.

BYP teens have been researching and developing healthier versions of the food you love.  These recipes:

  • are based on traditional area favorites,
  • are balanced (we strive to provide each meal and snack combination with 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein, and 20% fat),
  • are between 200 – 500 calories per serving,
  • use as many of the food groups as possible in each dish,
  • source as sustainably as possible (locally, organically, fair trade),
  • have no artificial dyes and no high fructose corn syrup.

Why are these important?  Come back and visit our website for more information – BYP youth are writing these descriptions for you.

We believe that fast food places and restaurants should take the lead in providing great tasting balanced food with recommended portion sizes.  If we all work together, we might have an impact on the obesity epidemic.


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