Goodbye 2012

With the new year approaching, we here at The Braddock Youth Project are looking back and reflecting on all our successes and challenges.  After all that our youth have accomplished this year it’s hard to pick just a few to highlight. Each seed planted, article written and child mentored helps strengthen our community and our youth and we thank you for supporting us over the last six years. Here are a few things we have done together this year.

  • Opened the Braddock Community Cafe
  • Created BYP Gear-our t-shirt design and printing company
  • Shot, edited and screened a documentary called “Voices of Braddock”
  • Held the 2nd Annual Collards Cook-off
  • Worked with GASP and the Pitt School of Public Health to conduct air quality monitoring
  • Had a 100% completion rate for the summer program
  • Saw seven of our youth graduate from high school and by this spring they will all be enrolled at least part-time in college

There are so many things we would like to accomplish in the coming years and you can help us by making a secure donation today. Thanks and have a safe and happy new years!


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